Welcome to my website.  I’ve finally pulled together all my inspiration and passion and put it in one place.  Instead of posting what I’ve done in the past I think everyone will be more interested in what I have in store for the future.  I have lots of exciting projects coming up that I’m really looking forward to sharing and plan to keep my fans up-to-date!  So check back often and remember to always keep in touch.

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Check out some of the projects I’ve been working on!

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Hollywood Undead – Been To Hell
Check out this rad music video I had a part in earlier this year where I play an aspiring actress just trying to make it, driven to suicide I plumet to my death at the end by jumping from the Hollywood sign.  This video was so much fun to make and might I add HU is such an amazing band!  My husband directed/wrote and produced it along with his team of amazing camera guys and editors!  Check em out and see what other projects they have in store!  AMP Creative